the link goes to a short quiz that will help you find out what you are if you don’t know ! While it’s an online test, if you’re honest and consistent, you’re results in any MBTI quiz should be the same ! (for example, I have taken many similar quizzes to this one, including the official test itself, and my result is always INFJ !)


I’m an INTJ!


INTJ, as usual, which means….I have been very consistent with how I fill out these things over the years. But I’m also one of those haters that HuffPo dismisses in their discussion of the wonder of MBTI!

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    INTP. So very, very INTP. So INTP that it hurts.
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    ENFJ Extravert(22%) iNtuitive(50%) iNtuitive Feeling(25%) Judging(33%) You have slight preference of Extraversion over...
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    ISTP Introvert(89%) Sensing(62%) Thinking(62%) Perceiving(44)%
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    ENFJ! Extravert(1%) Intuitive(38%) Feeling(50%) Judging(11%) lmfao forever at the 1%
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    ISTP Introvert(89%) Sensing(38%) Thinking(38%) Perceiving(11)% You havestrongpreference of Introversion over...
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    ENTP while typically I am somewhat disbelieving of these things also, this is pretty damn accurate.
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    Seems I’m pretty half-assed.
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    ISFJ unsurprising, i’m slightly more introverted at the moment. as per usual i’m basically on the line though
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    same istj
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    ISTJ what no way man intj 4 lyfe
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    KEEPING THIS FOR LATER~ Better believe I’ll be testing my characters on this. 8D;
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    INFJ {{ Introvert(67%), iNtuitive(25%), iNtuitive Feeling(12%), Judging(11%) }} I think I read a book on this; same...
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    INFJ Seems incredibly legit.
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    INFJ- The Protector
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    because I sure did.
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    enfp (can we just take a moment to notice all of those INTPs on the internet INTPs are the best yea)
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    Yeah xD I’m fairly sure I was an INTF when I took it n years ago. :’3 Now shoo! Sleepy time for you.
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    INTJ Though I think I tend to flip between T and F a lot…
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    Hey guys! Just so you know, this test skews toward INTx! I had four friends with wildly different types test as INTJ...
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    INTJ Introvert(67%) iNtuitive(25%) iNtuitive Thinking(62%) Judging(44%) You have distinctive preference of Introversion...
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    INTJ I’ve been taking this test since I was little, when my dad’s company administered it and he brought me home a copy....
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    ENFJ :D
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    INTJ I’m not taking that test again. The humanmetrics result is always the same for me. All that varies is the amount of...
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    INTJs are even more elusive like albino unicorns i apparently have the rarest mbt in the history of forever
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    oh, neat!! whenever this test comes up I hardly ever see other ISFJs we’re like unicorns
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